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About Me

My name is Limor Eshet. I have a bachelor's degree in management and political science and a master's degree in business administration with a specialization in marketing. I have over 18 years of professional experience in the fields of marketing, digital marketing, strategy, and advertising. Over the years I have held various senior management positions, accumulating extensive knowledge and experience, and I strengthened many companies with my skills and expertise.

Unique Assets

I am a goal-oriented and innovative thinker. I'm motivated by challenge and possess a natural curiosity, enabling me to rise to any occasion. As a "people person," I bring a developed set of social values, which allow me to guide, motivate and empower those around me to achieve professional and personal success.

Over the years I have gained extensive marketing, digital and eCommerce experience from the B2B worlds of Retail, Finance, and Services and have been able to establish and accelerate business performances in both local and global markets. My approach combines research and insights from the worlds of Psychology and Behavioral Economics to create a unique strategy and smart marketing solutions.

"Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought"

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi


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