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My Specialties 

  • Branding and positioning – definition of the corporate’s business vision, crystallization of its core values and creation of compelling marketing messages, creation of Internal/external brand awareness plans using highly effective marketing and communication tools and methodologies.


  • Corporate digital strategy – establishment of a ‘tailor-made’ corporate digital strategy which supports the corporate business goals and needs. The digital strategy is applied across all main social/digital platforms in-use and is adjusted according to the platform/channel in-use and the target audience.  

  • Strategy - corporate, brand and marketing, customer acquisition and retention

  • Content writing – professional content writing (including promotional articles in platforms such as Taboola, Google Discover, etc.), I use advanced technological tools, including SEO word research to perfectly craft the right messages to the right target audience. 

  • Digital marketing PPC, SEO, Social media, e-commerce - monitoring, measuring, and quantifying.

  • Execution of complex cross-organizational marketing initiatives Remarketing, retargeting, growth marketing, and customer journeys.​​



"Only he who takes a risk and goes far, discovers how far he can go"

Albert Einstein

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